Friday, March 17, 2006

More signs that Internet Polyglot might go mobile

Look at these pictures: aren't they beautiful? Yes they are because they are prototypes of what will be in (I hope) the near future one of preferred ways for Internet Polyglotters (huh! does it sound like a good name for a person who comes to Internet Polyglot to learn languages?) to play with language lessons via their mobile phones.

Surely they are not perfect (no, those Russian-looking words on the right are not really Russian - just random typing in cyrillic) but they are surely historical! Pa-pa-ba-paaaa!!!! (that was the sound of fanfares)

Special huge thanks to Denka who did this proof of concept project and investigation and programmed the prototype. Another huge thnaks to the same nice persons is for being dragged to the project :)) And for those who wonder what WORA means: Write Once Run Anywhere.

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