Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This Blog Gets Gogle Page Rank 5

What?! What?!

I don't believe my eyes! I have just posted my previous post and went to check how it looks. And what I see? I see that:

The page rank of the blog is 5! I can't believe it! Please tell me if this is a glitch of my browser or this is a true thing. Are you seeing the same?

This is exciting as well as frustrating! Surely it's great to have such a high rank. But this blog is just a by-product of Internet Polyglot, which has been with Page Rank 2 for quite a long time already.

Cernatinly this is the result of Google's love of text. What they want is text, text, text. Do YOU, my dear readers want only text? Woudn't you be more excited with someting more interactive and usable like Internet Polyglot's games? I am sure you would. But this is the current reality and we should more focus on the bright side of this event - InternetPolyglot.blogspot.com has gotten Page Rank 5.

P.S. Oh, and it strikes me now - Blogger is owned by Google. So it pfigures!


baggeroli said...

Hehe, another proof of the value of public Pagerank. But congrats Misha! You deserve it.

Btw: it's commonly accepted that there's a difference between the toolbar pagerank shown and the real Google's pagerank. I checked it once and it was 4. But as always: it's pure speculation.

baggeroli said...

I still think you're in the sandbox. If I do a search for "Free language lessons online Internet Polyglot" (all title keywords from the homepage), internetpolyglot.com ranks about 130. Funny thing is: the site is out-ranked by sites which only have links to your site. Ahh, that's a bad thing. I noticed you've submitted to directories which use redirects instead of straight links. Don't do it! Not even when they provide a plain text link on a "details" page. They're stealing your keywords!


baggeroli said...

And a pagerank 3 on feeds.feedburner.com/internetpolyglot! Hehe.

Misha said...

Baggeroli, thanks for the advice and congrats. I will never go promiscuous with those directories.

Today it seems like it was a Google hickup - I don't see the page rank 5 anymore. But it can be intermittent and related to the multiplicity of Google's Data Centers. I hope it will come back.

Also yesterday there was about an hour or so when I was browsing pages on Internet Polyglot and almost all of them - lesson lists, lesson detail pages had page ranks from 4 to 6. And it didn't look like a glitch at the moment because Japanese and Hindi pages didn't have any rank and it was reasonable because they haven't been indexed yet.

You can imagine how excited I was yesterday night - I even couldn't sleep until 3 a.m. and was doing some research on how to add pictures to word translations.

Today all seems to be back to normal, heehee. All pages are page rank 0 except the home page with page rank 2.

Boy, this Google is a rollercoaster.

DecemberFlower said...

I see PR of 4 for you.

I was overjoyed to discover today that two of my blogs have gone from PR of 0(!) to PR of 4(:D).