Thursday, April 06, 2006

Polyglot or Poliglot

Many people who I talk with about the site are not native English speakers (well, for them learning English is going to become easier with Internet Polyglot). And after I tell them about the site I tell them what is the url of the site. OK, they say - I'll visit your site.

What was the surprise when some of them were calling me and asking 'where is your site? why is it not available?'. I am going to check and see that the site is fine, available and looks good. Only after multiple painful interactions I understood that many of those people type POLIGLOT with I instead of POLYGLOT with Y. Well, I had to go and register a new domain and redirect it to the main site.

Moral of the fable: Dear polyglotters! The word 'polyglot' is spelt with Y, not I. Not that I know for sure how to spell all English words. Not at all! Can you call yourself a fan of Internet Polyglot if you can't even spell it? Hardly!

Now that you know how to spell 'polyglot' you can become a real fan of Internet Polyglot! For a limited time it's free! Just kidding, it's always going to be free On the right side of this blog there is a text input box where you can enter your email and press "Subscribe me!" button. After you do that you are bestowed a life-time title of the "Honorable Noble Fan of Internet Polyglot", you are entitled to call yourself "Sir Honorable Noble Fan of Internet Polyglot" and you may require others to call you accordingly and address you with all possible respect that is germane to this title. As a n Honorable Noble Fan of Internet Polyglot you will also receive new posts of this blog as soon as they are posted.


MP said...

Probably it would be nice during redirection from Internet Poliglot domain to notify people that they did a misprint in a word poliglot and it should be spelled as polyglot

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I agree with the above suggestion.
Because, there was no need for the new site you created for "poliglot". You don't bow to the ignorance of others. You correct them and let them follow the correction. That is the only way to learn. Do the right thing.

God bless.