Sunday, January 29, 2006

No Google index. Plans for better urls.

Today the google index for InternetPolyglot is collapsed the whole day. It shows only one page. Is it because if changed title tags on all lesson detail pages? Who knows, but anyway this had to be done.

In plans is to change again the urls for lesson lists. Currently they look like "" for Spanish - English lessons but they are not too SEO and user-friendly.

I am going to change these urls to something like "" so that the keywords are in the url itself and also this is much more user friendly for people who would want to save it as a bookmark or come again to this page by trying to recall the url.

I also contemplate on the model of creating visual content for lessons. Yesterday I talked to a guy who would possibly start doing digital photographs for existing lessons. Currently the biggest bottleneck is the amount of words - about 800. How much time can you spend on something like this? So I need to talk to more people about it.

Another thing is how to insentivise those people. What can I do except suggesting putting links to their sites? At this moment nothing else but to me it can be very beneficial for them. If InternetPolyglot gets lots of traffic then they will get lots of traffic too. And it will be up to them what to do with this traffic - put advertisements of open an online store selling photos or photo equipment or anything else.

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