Saturday, January 28, 2006

Google index is acting

It's up and down. One time you check indexing of your site and it shows quite a few pages indexed (today it's already 243 and growing). And next time all of a sudden everything is collapsing back to one page. You jump through the roof shouting curse words. WTF?

I have two theories:

1) The site is still in flux and balances on the edge between sandbox and good indexing;
2) During crawling googlebot removes old data.

The latter seems not very likely because in this case it would be true for all sites, including huge monstrous tycoons and they would lose lots of money because of that. So it seems that InternetPolyglot is still too young and unstable.

But the good news is that the number of indexed pages is growing.

A huge thanks to Wout who keeps giving me search engine optimisation tips. From his advice yesterday I changed the title for Lesson Detail pages by moving more competitive keywords (language names) to the front and the name of the lesson to the back of the title tag.
Also I added the desription and keywords meta tags on the Lesson Detail and Lesson List pages.

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