Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Russia: The Unexplored Land

Russia is still an unexplored land when it comes to most people from the west. Now that the Soviet Union has been dissolved and communism lost its grip on the new independent states, the entire region that came under the Soviet regime is now open to foreign tourists as well as businesses. Russia has so much to offer to people who have never experienced the ancient cultures and the exciting traditions of the land. Right from the isolated villages in Siberia to the regal elegance of St. Petersburg, there is so much to savour from this vast and ancient land.

Although Russia was an extremely wealthy nation, its deep roots in communism kept it fairly isolated from the rest of the world. Its new freedom that came with the dissolution of communism has brought a breath of fresh air to the country. The Russian people now believe that there are tremendous opportunities awaiting them which just need to be tapped and taken advantage of. The raising of the iron curtain has truly opened the eyes of the people to the enormous possibilities that are now available, especially to the younger generation.

While the country is progressing in terms of technology, it is rediscovering its past. The age old cultures and traditions of this vast land is being brought back to life with renewed vigour. A number of ancient cathedrals that have been neglected over a period of time are now being restored and rebuilt. Art and literature are finding a lot of prominence in the life of people once again. The streets are live with music and the markets and street walks burst with colour and life. A whole nation has literally reawakened to the joy of life.

Russia encompasses an extremely vast area of land. Right from the imperial cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg to the small and remote villages in the far reaches of the Siberian wilderness, Russia spans the two continents of Europe and Asia. While the western border of Russia is shared with various European nations, the Eastern border is as close as 50 miles from North America. Over this vast expanse of land lie majestic mountains, lush forests with an incredible variety of wildlife, and large network of rivers, as well as the largest freshwater lake on the planet. Only for the last few years have these wonders from the largest country in the world, been open to visitors from foreign countries.

One of the factors that inhibit westerners travelling to Russia is the lack of widespread knowledge of the English language. Although a few people speak good English, there are a vast number of people who do not understand the language. But to be able to truly understand and enjoy the beauty of the land and its people, you need to learn Russian during your stay in Russia. No matter how much you try to understand the culture and the traditions of the land, unless you speak and understand Russian, you will not be able to truly relish the beauty of the country.

The Russian people are extremely cordial and kind. It will be a pleasure conversing with them and getting to know them personally. You will however not be able to interact with them on an intimate level unless you are able to speak Russian. There are various ways in which you can learn Russian however. There are many resources available where you can learn Russian free of cost. Especially with the advent of the World Wide Web, learning new languages and dialects has become incredibly an easy task.

There are a number of websites available through which you can learn Russian online. Many websites have a series of lessons for beginners. Once you get a grasp of the basics of the language, then you can move on to more advanced lessons that will teach you more complex framing of sentences and advanced grammatical structures. With these extremely useful resources you can learn Russian free online which will in turn help you to converse easily with the Russian people. The time and effort spent in learning the language of the country will be well worth the effort. It will pay rich dividends in the form of great relationships formed with the wonderful people of Russia.

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