Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Version of the Site. New Awsome Features.

My dearest Internet Polyglotter!

At last, with a great honor and deep moral satisfaction we announce that a new version of the site has been developed and deployed on !

The new version has a number of new features:

1) Typing Game - a new game where you are presented with a word in your language and you have to type its translation in the language that you learn. We hope this game will be a good addition in the language toolset that we provide for our users.
2) We bought and uploaded more pictures so that the majority (95%) of all lessons have images associated with the words. Enjoy a more colorful experience in learning new words!
3) New improved chat. Now the chat page has multiple channels so that you can chat with other people in your native language or about a language that you learn.
4) "Jump to a lesson" link. Now when you go to a lesson detail page you can see a new link "Jump to a lesson". When you click on it you see a popup list of all other lessons that are of the same word language and translation language.
5) Romanian audio pronunciation on Romanian lessons.
6) Other minor improvements that should improve your staying with .

Now a little bit about our plans. We are working hard now on a new "game-like" page which we call a slide show. We think that it should improve the initial learning process - instead of just jumping to games, go through all words in a lesson as a slide show: each word will be presented as a picture with the word and translation and the word and translation will be pronounced. We hope to develop the slide show in a month or so. As soon as it's ready we'll gladly notify you of that.

Now enjoy learning languages with and have a great time!

Internet Polyglot team.

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