Friday, November 10, 2006

Google Helps Learning Words [New Feature]

Today I deployed a new version of - it has some nice improvements like better positioning of popup images so that they don't disappear under the bottom of the browser window.

Another one is a new page that describes how you could help Internet Polyglot - if you like it, of course :-) . So if you do like Internet Polyglot - please visit this page: and decide what you can do to make our life happier. Anything you do from this list (placing a link on your web site, telling about us on your favorite forum or newsgroup, simply bookmarking us with, and, well, ghm..., donation) will be greatly appreciated!

But the main improvement of this version is adding Google Search capabilities for words that you are learning. The word/translation list on lesson detail pages now has a new icon, move your mouse over it and you'll get Google's search results for this word: web sites, videos, blogs. I expect it to be a very useful new feature of Internet Polyglot - it should help learning words in context. Just go ahead and play with this new capability, I think it should be fun.

Below is a screenshot that I made on one of the French-English lessons :

As you can see mousing over the "G" icon next to "un employé" display a popup window with Google search (web, video and blog) results for this word. Now just use any of those results and increase your knowledge of what "un employé" means.

Happy languge learning with Internet Polyglot !

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