Thursday, October 12, 2006

[New feature] Words With Sounds - Practice Pronunciation

Today is a new milestone in the history of Internet Polyglot. With a huge help of our old friend Baggeroli (he is the author of Dutch lessons and some of German lessons) I added a new very interesting and useful functionality: sounds. I have been oftenly asked why Internet Polyglot doesn't have a way to teach language learners pronunciation? Why doesn't it have word transcriptions? And so on.

And look at it now! Visit - this is one of Arabic-English lessons. You can see a green button next to each Arabic word.

Click this button and you'll hear this word pronounced in Arabic. Of course you need to wear headphones or have your speakers on. Do you like it? These words were pronounced and recorded by a native Arabic speaker, so if you are learning Arabic then you'll be able to hone your pronunciation against these records.

At this moment Arabic is the only language that was recorded for Internet Polyglot lessons as a pilot project. We expect that eventually all languages that have lessons in our site have their words pronounced, recorded to sound files and placed to the site. Stay tuned!

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