Friday, February 03, 2006

Change of url for lesson lists. Working on titles

Yesterday I changed the lesson lists URLs from something like lessons-es-en (too cryptic, huh?) to this format: . This trick should allow two things:
  • Put keywords, i.e. language names in the url, search engines like it
  • Make urls more memorizeable for users
Bad thing about it is I don't know how google will react on this huge change. Today I can see it didn't index any pages with this new format. Will see.

Next, and I hope last big major url change will be with lesson details. Currently the urls look like this: /lesson54 , where 54 is the lesson's ID. Not much of search engine optimization, is there? And not too user-friendly.

I plan to do something like this /English_Spanich_Lesson_Animals.html but for that I will have to introduce a new attribute for lessons which will serve as a main keyword for this lessons and simultaneoursly serve as a part of the url for further decoding into ID from two languages and the keyword.

It's going to be quite massive effort but has to be done anyway.

Today I am also working on making all urls to have title attribute. Will it help to saturate the pages with keywords. I guess so. I am afraid though that it can be oversaturating and interpreted as spam. And we are not spammers - we bring free foreign languges lessons for the world.

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